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5% of all sales donated to outdoor recreation in BC.

About Us

So who the heck are these Back Forty people anyway?


Hi everyone! I'm Shelly, the ginger above, creator, owner and doer of all things at Back Forty. I grew up in Prince George, BC and after a 12 year life chapter down south in the big city, I decided to return to my hometown in February of 2016.  


Since moving home, it has been amazing being able to so easily do all the outdoor activities I love so much, right in our "backyard". In 30 short minutes we can be at a lake, hiking, snowshoeing, quading, skeet shooting and more! 


The concept for Back Forty came to life in 2017, but since my career path was Accounting, I had a ton to learn. After learning art design software, how to screenprint clothing, a lot of trial and error, a number of small business fairs and markets through 2018 and 2019, the first Back Forty storefront opened in November of 2019!


The handsome man beside me up there is Sheldon. He also answers to Shelly. Yes, Shelly & Shelly. He is Back Forty's part-time design critic, clothing tester, display builder, shirt passer, craft fair setup-er, model and full-time love of my life. He is also the inspiration behind the Sheldon design, he lives to hunt, fish, camp and quad. 


So there you have it, the Shelly's behind Back Forty!